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                    Aluminum Plates(Nameplate)
                    Stainless Steel Plate
                    Steel Brand
                    High Light Signs
                    Reflective Signs
                    Luminous Brand
                    Licensing Departments
                    Bronze Medals
                    Stainless Steel Brand
                    Heap Of Gold Medals
                    Sand Gold Medal
                    Titanium Medals
                    Crystal Brand
                    Authorized Medals
                    Engraving Medals
                    Gold Medals
                    Card Sets
                    Laser Trademark
                    Adhesive Trademark
                    PVC Trademark
                    Food Paper Bag
                    Non-woven Bag
                    Non-woven Shopping Bag

                        Cangnan County Zhongyun Signs Craft Co.,Ltd In "Chinese goods production base in China's Zhejiang "----- the money, development, production, sales as one,with more than 10 years experience in the production of enterprises. The enterprises to gravure, silk screen and the technology of copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials led to the water transfer, heat transfer and pressure sensitive, non-woven products and other goods for the by-laws.

                        The factory owned by a set of computer design, production, sales and after-sales service personnel groups, with advanced production equipment, superb production process, strong technical force, strict quality management, to provide you with complete systematic services. Our main production of bronze, stainless steel licensing, crystal card, heap gold, sand gold, titanium gold, aluminum plates reflective licensing, licensing, and other luminous materials of different licensing Chen Shui-bian at the same time with stickers trademarks, PVC trademarks, non-woven bags , Shopping bags, advertising bags and other products.

                        Our "quality first, the user is supreme, truth-seeking, innovation" for the purpose, follow the "science and technology are primary productive forces" of the guidelines, the implementation of "Zhilianglishi, science and technology enterprises," the strategy in the current fierce competition in the market , Factory to leading technology and management, seize the opportunity, innovation, and actively develop new products for our customers to provide better products and better after-sales service. Sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign investors and new and old customers calls business negotiations. Let us work together to create brilliant!

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